by Spaceplague

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The apopalypse returns with another collection of reject drivel to beam out into the abyss of space for the alien archaeologists amusement. Feat G3 on bass, The Hoff on the drums, and Cassandra on live situation. Stay classy planet earth!


released August 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Spaceplague Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Dream Reaver
What have I got to lose oh baby, what have I got to hide?
What have I got to bruise except for my ego and pride?
Nothing but a broken body slowly growing old
Hair falls out in handfuls and my blood runs cold

So cast out that line to the sea and pull in an analogy
That perfect line of poetry to make her fall for me
Cause something in the waters got me tongue tied in vain
I’d do anything but talk to her, just to know her name

One glimpse and my heart stopped beating
That’s all it took
And what the hell am I to do?
I’m looking at her but she’s looking straight through
Yeah what can I, what can I, what can I do?
She’s every girl I never knew
Track Name: Dope
Fire it up, fire it up
Break the skin, push it in
Dilate, palpitate
Exhilarated ethereal state

Inject sunshine, reject real time
Ride the mainline, into mortal decline
Track Name: Irrelephant
Hey baby, don’t try to pretend
Fun times are over, now summers come to an end

Ooh, saw you screaming at the sky
Ooh, didn’t stop to ask you why
you’re gone...

Fear of flying’s got your feet firmly on the ground
Yet you still trying to make that incredible sound

Ooh, clouds crack asunder for you
Ooh, and the light of life shines through
so long...

Ooh, fell screaming to the floor
Ooh, accursed for ever more
Track Name: Merge Like Velcro
There’s holes in all my shoes
People only call with bad news
Rats have eaten all the food
And I’m running out of homebrew

Emotionally I’m rust
Thoughts have turned to distrust
And as my mind decays to dust
I realise my situation’s bust

Don’t wanna stay in, I’m thinking I’m getting cabin fever
Temperature one hundred and four
Don’t feel right in the slightest gonna end it all tonight
I’m kickin out the door

Do you wanna go out do you wanna get drunk?
Snorting speed and smoking skunk
Having sex out in the rain
Next weekend we can do the same
Do you wanna get wasted, wanna get high?
Damned if I’ll let another night by
When you got the urge, fuck just go
Merge like velcro
Track Name: Lie
Pulling shit outta thin air
It’s all good, you don’t fuckin care
In the end it’s your demise
Everyones friend until they realise
You lie!

Poor disguise for a lack of wit
Realise you’re full of shit
And all your lies, big and small
Dig yourself a deeper hole
You lie all the fucking time

Pulling shit outta thin air
It’s all good, you don’t fuckin care
You lie all the time
In the end it’s your demise
Everyones friend until they realise
You lie all the time
And all your lies, big and small
Dig yourself a deeper hole
Track Name: Dennis From Accounts
I’m so glad that i met you, oh baby let me get you
Another bottle of chardonnay, tonight is going my way
You don’t even need to ask me, there’s room for two in my taxi

Dennis is horney when Dennis gets pissed
Thinks you want it thinks no means yes
Only one thing that his night is about
Better back up baby you’re about to find out
About just how low a man can be
Prepare for me a Courtney Place iced tea
Blow my paycheck no ifs nor buts
If you’re drunk you must want it like a filthy slut

Dennis from accounts, Dennis from accounts
She’s goin home with Dennis from accounts
Track Name: Triangle Is The Strongest Shape
Ooh, what a surprise, one little kiss brought a tear to my eye
A simple thing, suddenly put my heart in a sling
Ooh, baby don’t

Ohh, what a surprise, barely time to dry my eye
Another little kiss, another lucky guy
And just like that she’s gone
How can anything that felt so right
Possibly go wrong
Ooh baby don’t
Track Name: Aquaplane
You’re a bad habit i know it’s true
But i can’t let go of you
You make me do things i don’t wanna do
But i can’t let go of you

You’re to blame
For all the little things that cause me pain
But i’ll never turn on you
Cause you’re to blame
For all the little things that keep me sane
I dwell in darkness without you
Track Name: Why We'll Never Have Nice Things
You brought this on yourself, no way in hell it could’ve worked out
They way you thought it would, oh god it could have been good
Just always smile, don’t show remorse, don’t wanna make things any worse
Cause you know though it’s strange, deep down inside you’ll never change

She tells you to act your age, and then down comes the cage
And you know things will never change, never change, just stay the same
Don’t try to pretend, you’ll break free in the end
It’s futile and in vain, it just remains all the fucking same

Just keep on saying lucky to have met you
No regrets and don’t forget to
Always smile, don’t show remorse
Don’t wanna make things any worse